Arbitration Attorney in Puyallup and Tacoma

Seeking litigation is rarely a first option in any legal situation, and arbitration and mediation are the two primary options that can be considered prior to litigation. Arbitration is the process of reaching an agreement between two or more parties outside of a court system and with a third party acting as an arbitrator who plays the role of a jury and judge.

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In binding arbitration both parties agree to abide by whatever the arbitrator decides upon and there are no appeals possible. In non-binding arbitration the parties may choose to reject the arbitrator’s decision and move onto a trial or binding arbitration.

Before you enter either binding or non-binding arbitration, it’s smart to hire an experienced arbitration attorney in Puyallup and Tacoma. Sofia K. Miguel has advised many clients and assisted them with their arbitration strategy even if they chose to represent themselves during an arbitration.

It’s Often a Good Idea to Have Arbitration Attorney in Puyallup and Tacoma Represent You

You may be thinking about representing yourself during an arbitration hearing, but there’s actually a quite complex and steep learning curve that you’ll have to overcome if you want the greatest chance of a successful arbitration. Without the proper preparation, your arbitration hearing may not go as planned, and you may not be able to successful argue your case with the proper emphasis.

It’s crucial that you communicate your case in the strongest manner to the arbitrator, and if it’s any matter of even more significance to you, you will want to have an attorney with you along the way. No matter what your goals are during arbitration, Sofia K. Miguel can help you achieve them with a decade of representing her clients at arbitration hearings and ensuring that they get a decision that they are more than happy with.

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