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According to the WA State Department of Transportation, our state was named the nation’s number one “Bicycle Friendly State” by the League of American Bicyclists for the seventh year in a row!

Whether your bicycle is your main method of transportation or a form of outdoor leisure and exercise, the safety concerns in riding a bicycle are obvious. We all learn from a young age about the importance of helmets and other protective gear, but it is also important to understand that where you ride your bike will impact what dangers you might face.

As a bicycle rider, you will undoubtably have to face sharing the road with motor vehicles at some point. Even with taking all the necessary precautions, accidents happen; and when they involved a bicycle and a motor vehicle, these accidents can be very serious.

At the Law Office of Sofia K. Miguel, PLLC, we understand these dangers and have the experience to help you recover both physically and financially in the event of a serious bicycle accident.

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Most Common Causes of a Bicycle Accident

Motor Vehicle Driver Negligence

Drivers today can be distracted on the road because of an ever-increasing number of reasons. Cell phone use, eating or drinking while driving or even changing a radio station can all lead to a driver looking away from the road or taking their hands off of the steering wheel which can cause an accident. Other driving behaviors such as speeding, drunk driving, or other forms of aggressive driving can also lead to accidents causing serious injuries.

Open Door Accidents

Bicycle lanes are not always designed with the cyclist in mind. Many times, they are placed directly next to street parking. While this may be aesthetically pleasing to look at and a great use of space, this design can lead to open door accidents. An open-door accident occurs when a parked car opens their door right before a bicycle passes, causing the cyclist to run into the door, often sending them flying in the air to a painful landing and serious injuries.

Near Misses

Not all bicycle injuries come from actual contact with a motor vehicle. Many times, a cyclist is forced to maneuver quickly to avoid a collision with a motor vehicle. When this happens, the cyclist may find themselves colliding with something else and ultimately still seriously injured due to a motor vehicle driver. You don’t have to actually collide with a motor vehicle to receive compensation if they caused your injuries while riding your bike.

Road Hazards

While much of the roads in Washington are great for cyclists to ride on, hazards are also common. Road hazards such as potholes, cracks, and damaged guardrails can lead to serious injuries for cyclists. Bike lanes are also not always available, putting cyclists on the same lane and road as motor vehicles which greatly increases the risk of injury.

Bicycle accident attorney

How a Personal Injury Attorney Helps You Recover from a Bicycle Accident

Accurate Case Assessment

The experience that a seasoned bicycle accident attorney has will help in determining what your case value is as a whole. From medical bills to lost wages and rehabilitation therapy, the costs that come with a bicycle accident can be frightening. It is important to understand what these costs are or will be in assessing what your possible outcomes are.

Comprehensive Investigation

A comprehensive investigation into the scene and cause of your bicycle accident is key to the maximum recovery for your resulting injuries. This investigation is an important step that many attorneys may skip in favor of trying to settle your case quickly. An experienced bicycle accident attorney will do an in-depth investigation before he or she starts any negotiation on your behalf.

Complete Record Keeping

The records involving anything related to your bicycle accident and resulting injuries are of the utmost importance. Keeping a detailed and accurate account of these records is imperative to a maximum recovery. An experienced bicycle accident attorney will compile all your records and make sure to locate whatever is missing for your benefit.

Negotiation Experience

It is unlikely that you have had to deal with an insurance adjuster or an insurance company attorney before in a negotiation. This inexperience is routinely used against victims of bicycle accidents by people that work on behalf of the insurance companies. It is important to level the playing field with an attorney with the experience to get you the maximum recovery possible.

While you are able to take on these responsibilities on your own, it is advisable to at least speak to an experienced bicycle accident attorney to help decide your best path forward. You get one chance to do it right, so do everything you can to maximize your ability for a money recovery.

Be Sure to Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney As Soon As You Can

Hiring the right attorney after you have been injured in a bicycle accident is absolutely essential to give you the greatest chance of obtaining full compensation for your damages. Sofia K. Miguel is a veteran personal injury lawyer who is a skilled and effective negotiator who will tirelessly fight on your behalf.


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