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Mediation is often sought as an alternative to litigation, and it is often ideal for both parties to be able to settle a case with this method. Although the involvement of a mediation attorney in Puyallup and Tacoma is often limited in these situations, it’s a wise decision to hire or consult with an attorney prior to mediation.

You Need an Attorney Who Will Help You Compromise

Sofia K. Miguel is a skilled mediation attorney and an excellent negotiator who can ensure that you have a backup plan when mediation does not go as you planned. She can also give you advice about your mediation, particularly if it involves legal rights or property rights, and you can always call Sofia at (253)-200-4471 for a free consultation about your specific case.

She understands that when you are in mediation that you do not want the case to escalate any further and that you want to reach an agreement that is fair for both parties so that you can avoid further prolonging of the problem. In this situation, Sofia is able to switch gears to work in a diplomatic way to help you reach a compromised solution that works for you.

You Will Want to Consult an Attorney Prior to Settling

Even if you do not want an attorney involved in your mediation, you will want to consult with an attorney prior to settling your case, particularly if it involves any form of property or legal rights or if you are required to sign an agreement.

Sofia K. Miguel can review your agreement and make sure that it is fair to you and that there are no loopholes or other problems that can end up being an issue for you in the future. She will work fairly and diplomatically throughout your entire meditation process and only become involved when she is needed.

To learn more about how Sofia K. Miguel can assist you with your current or upcoming mediation case, contact her today at (253)-200-4471 for a free consultation.

I am not one to write reviews but felt completely compelled to do so regarding the unparalleled work that Sofia Miguel has done on my family’s case!

She has been extremely thorough in the detail of our case, her communication (both through phone, texts, emails, and mailed material) is both informative and purposeful as much as it is comforting to know that your case is actually being looked at and continuously worked on. She is unpretentious in attitude and lets her work speak for itself.

If we are ever in need of an attorney again, Sofia Miguel will be our first call!

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