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Sofia K. Miguel is a highly experienced personal injury attorney located in Puyallup, Washington with a client-focused approach to injury law.  Ms. Miguel’s law practice focuses solely on helping those injured due to negligence. From auto accidents, to premises liability cases, to dog bites, Sofia will assist you with getting the fair compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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Catastrophic Injury

Slip and Fall

Premises Liability

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Sofia K. Miguel’s extensive litigation experience has made her a leading personal injury attorney in the Tacoma and Puyallup area for accident victims. With an honest dedication to her clients and a proven track record, she has become one of the most well-known and sought-after personal injury attorneys.

Sofia’s attention to detail will ensure that your case is individually and extensively investigated to best help you receive the maximum payout. No two cases are the same, but the push for justice always remains constant at the Law Office of Sofia Miguel, PLLC.

Sofia’s expertise can be your guide whether you are the victim of a car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, or bus accident. Her experience also extends to off road injuries resulting from dog bites, slip and falls, or other premises liability accidents. Her successful approach has led to victories both inside and outside the courtroom for her clients.

If you have been injured as the result of another party’s negligence, contact Sofia K. Miguel today at (253) 200-4471 for a free consultation and learn more about how she can fight to get your fair compensation for your damages.

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What can our law firm do for you?

Presenting Key Witness Testimony

It is infinitely important to prepare witnesses for what they will likely face at trial. A witness who is ready for trial will be much more likely to be able to present their truth and their testimony effectively in the face of aggressive insurance defense attorneys.

Seasoned insurance defense attorneys will be looking to exploit any weakness that they can find in any witness in presenting their case. Sofia’s trial experience can help you see what lies ahead, and help you prepare effectively so you can be ready for it.

Testing Expert Analysis

Expert witnesses can be very convincing in jury trials. Sometimes the simple recitation of an expert witness’ resume can make jurors feel that the expert can do no wrong. It takes a careful and researched approach to be able to question and cross-examine an expert witness effectively.

Many times, you will need an expert witness of your own who can best counter the expert witness on the other side. Sofia has the background to question experts effectively and can also help you locate the best expert witness for your case if needed.

Refined Opening & Closing Arguments

It is fairly common for juries to have short attention spans. Attorneys unfortunately don’t always realize this, and have a tendency to talk over juries, essentially boring them to death.

The two main opportunities an attorney gets to directly speak to a jury is during opening and closing arguments. It is important not to waste these opportunities to tell your story to a jury. With Sofia on your side, your story will be told through advanced trial techniques. These techniques include opening and closing arguments that are refined to not only keep a jury’s attention but help them see your story clearly.

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Client Testimonials

Sofia is amazing! Very prompt and informative! She was on top of everything from the first point of contact! I will use her again and would recommend this office to everyone I know!

Stephanie B.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know this Attorney for the past several months and she is my go to now for any legal question I have. Even if she doesn’t know the answer, she knows where to find it. She responds to my inquiries promptly and she is incredibly thorough in the answers she provides. I love her upbeat and can do attitude and will recommend her to anyone needing her services.

Lynda A.

The law offices of Sofia Miguel..the only downfall of this post is that I can’t give her 10 stars ..absolutely the best. Her and her assissant warm and compassionate but professional in every sense of the word. I recommend her to anyone..thank you…
John H.

I had never sought out an attorney before, so, I was not sure what questions to ask. Sofia was, verbally, easy to speak to and helped me through all my questions.
Barbara P.

We are very happy to have a law office that cares about the injured party when the insurance company is not. Thank you for your help. We have a lot pain and suffering. We’re thankful for having Law office of Sofia K Miguel, PLLC
Ken B.

Great person to have in your corner! Sofia is a great attorney to have on your side advocating on your behalf. She spent countless hours working my motor vehicle accident case to ensure we got the results we deserved. Even against unexpected odds, Sofia was still able to argue a very strong case with good results. Thank you again, Sofia!
Zak P.


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