Wenting Gao

Wenting Gao


Wenting is a bilingual civil litigation attorney. Her practice focuses on personal injuries such as motor vehicle accidents, dog attacks and premises liability. Wenting has successfully championed the rights of those unfairly afflicted by the negligent actions of others, ensuring their journey toward justice is not tread alone.

A member of Washington State Association of Justice, Wenting is attuned to the evolving tapestry of personal injury law. She consistently seeks to expand her knowledge through continual learning and active participation in legal forums, ensuring that her clients are represented with both contemporary and time-tested legal strategies.

Wenting was born and raised in China. She graduated from Boston College Law School with a J.D degree in 2014. She is licensed in Massachusetts and Washington. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family.

高律师从是从事人身伤害方面的民事诉讼律师。 她讲流利的英文和普通话。她的专业领域主要是集中于人身伤害,如机动车事故,被狗袭击和场所责任。 高律师成功地捍卫了那些因他人的疏忽行为而受到不公平伤害的人们的权利,确保他们在追求正义的路上得到高质量的法律服务。作为华盛顿州正义协会(WSAJ)的成员,高律师致力于不断通过学习和积极参与法律论坛来扩展自己在民事诉讼人身伤害方面的知识和经验。高律师在中国出生长大,并于2014年于Boston College Law School取得了法律博士的学位。她有麻省和华盛顿州的律师职业资格。空闲时间里她喜欢和家人待在一起。

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